The Hollow Crown poster competition

The DVD of The Hollow Crown series of BBC Shakespeare films is now out. When I reviewed the films over the summer – links to my pieces are here – I saw them out of sequence, so I am very much looking forward to watching them through again as they were meant to be seen. Although I have some doubts over the way some of the plays were cut, and felt the transposition to a different medium wasn’t necessarily handled consistently across the four films, I do think the series’ virtues far outweighed such flaws as it may have had. It will be interesting to see how much I need to revisit my earlier judgements when I can watch the films with more time for reflection.

In the meantime, the lovely Hollow Crown Petition Team – who are running a campaign to get a book of ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos of The Hollow Crown published – have launched a poster competition to promote their cause, which some of you may be interested in!

The copy that follows is from them:

To mark the release of the DVD in the UK we are launching a poster competition!

The brief is simple: Design a poster promoting The Hollow Crown TV series
(Richard II, Henry IV parts 1 & 2 and Henry V).

The series starred Ben Whishaw (Richard II), Jeremy Irons (Henry IV)
& Tom Hiddleston (Prince Hal in Henry IV parts 1 & 2, Henry V).
Additional Hollow Crown cast includes: Edward Akrout; Alun Armstrong; Joe Armstrong; Simon Russell Beale; Michelle Dockery; Lindsay Duncan; Iain Glen; Richard Griffiths; Paterson Joseph; Anton Lesse Lloyd; David Morrissey; Geoffrey Palmer; Maxine Peake; Clemence Poesy; James Purefoy; Patrick Stewart; David Suchet; Owen Teale; Melanie Thierry and Julie Walters.

Introducing Our Star Judges from The Hollow Crown:
Edward Akrout – Louis, the Dauphin (Henry V)
French born Edward Akrout moved to London where he trained at LAMDA. Since graduating in 2008, Edward has worked regularly in theatre, film and television. Working in London’s West-End, for the BBC, HBO and in both independent and Hollywood film. His other works include: The Borgias, a historical-fiction tv series starring Jeremy Irons.

Michael Keane – Thomas Wart (Henry IV part 2)
Writer, Performer & Wicket-keeper for Actors Anonymous CC. Recently spotted at @edfringe & after appearing in Henry IV Part 2 is on a UK for classic farce Dry Rot.

The Hollow Crown – DVD set (region 2) + The Hollow Crown related goodies
(OR if you are not in region 2: Amazon gift card for relevant country to go towards purchasing it)

Second Prize: Shakespeare Anthology + The Hollow Crown related goodies
Third Prize: Globe Shakespeare Quotations poster + The Hollow Crown related goodies

All entries will be uploaded and shared on our Facebook page after the event!

There is no limit on what or how you do this. All we ask is that people use the rules below and email us your art by the 5th November deadline!

1.    The poster must have been created for this competition
2.    One entry per person
3.    Photoshop creations are allowed but do not enter unaltered images or claim others’ work as your own.
4.    Keep it clean 😉

Please note this competition is not affiliated in any way with the BBC and is purely for fun by fans for fans. We own nothing, not even Tom Hiddleston or Edward Akrout! By submitting your poster you give us permission to post the images on our websites or use in any other way we deem relevant or in related activities. This is a non-profit competition, no one is making money from this.

Please send all entries to and include the following information:

1.    NAME:
2.    E-MAIL:
3.    COUNTRY:
4.    [optional] Caption: to go with your poster when uploaded onto our Facebook album

END DATE: 5th November (Monday)
Please have all entries in by the end of 5th November, 11pm GMT (London time)

Hollow Crown Petition Team

More questions? Feel free to contact us at:

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