Londonist Out Loud podcast

My Londonist Out Loud podcast with N Quentin Woolf, recorded in the lovely gardens at Hampton Court on Wednesday, is now available for download – either from the Londonist website or from iTunes. We chatted about various London-related matters, including the commercialisation of the Houses of Parliament and the ongoing privatisation of public spaces, among... Continue Reading →

North, a film by Temujin Doran

Film-maker Temujin Doran contacted me in the summer of 2010 with the intention of making a film based on The Balloonist’s Tale in my book Impossible Journeys, which recounted the failed 1897 attempt by Salomon August Andrée to reach the North Pole by hot air balloon. In the end, Doran decided to make a different... Continue Reading →

My Facebook author page

Just a brief post to note that I've just set up a Facebook author page, which will hopefully complement my blog and Twitter feed – as well as overlap in places! Do come and say hello: it's great to get to know people and keep in touch. Any suggestions are always welcome.

My post on The Jungle Book for Normblog

I was hugely flattered to be asked by Norman Geras to contribute a piece on a favoured book to his Writer's Choice series. After much indecision - which may well end up reflected in another post here at some point - I finally chose Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, and you can read the resulting... Continue Reading →

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