News: Not Just The Tudors

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure and privilege of talking about the Dissolution of the Monasteries to Suzannah Lipscomb for her fantastic new podcast series #NotJustTheTudors. Do have a listen! The link is here.

Canada AM: the Prince Charles letters

Those who follow me on Twitter may already know that I was TV twice last week. The first appearance, to discuss Prince Harry's career, was on Sky News. Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately, depending on your point of view - I can't link to that. But I subsequently appeared on CTV's breakfast show Canada AM... Continue Reading →

Merchant Adventurers by James Evans

The recent media coverage of the discovery of Sir John Franklin’s flagship, the HMS Erebus, on the sea floor in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, is a reminder of the public’s abiding fascination with the Age of Exploration and of its huge cost, in terms of both blood and treasure. Neither the Erebus, nor HMS Terror,... Continue Reading →

Londonist Out Loud podcast

My Londonist Out Loud podcast with N Quentin Woolf, recorded in the lovely gardens at Hampton Court on Wednesday, is now available for download – either from the Londonist website or from iTunes. We chatted about various London-related matters, including the commercialisation of the Houses of Parliament and the ongoing privatisation of public spaces, among... Continue Reading →

Interview: On the Tudor Trail

Natalie Grueninger (follow her on Twitter), who runs the excellent On The Tudor Trail website, has just posted her interview with me about The Favourite, which will be out in paperback on 21 June. I really enjoyed answering Natalie's questions and I hope that comes across in my responses. The interview can be read here.

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